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Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
incredibly dizzy today. Second day of week 3 and I just want to crawl into bed; maybe my body is going through an adjustment period? it better go away soon.
I also have been having periods of being dizzy....really bad on Monday! I think i will start measuring my salt, i sprinkle it on almost everything, but propbably still not getting going to try the salt in glass of water when a dizzy spell comes.
Originally Posted by Frannie57 View Post
I have my first weigh in tomorrow! Excited and nervous......
I know the 1st WI I was sooo excited and then absolutely amazed at not just the lbs. I had lost but the INCHES that had dropped off too.
Originally Posted by BevS View Post
Hi, TDM, I only drink 64 oz. a day, the minimum. I fill up a pitcher first thing in the morning and try to drink 16 oz. with each meal or snack. Lately, I've been trying to drink most of it before 6 p.m. so I don't have to get up at night and save just a little to get my supplements down at dinner and bedtime. I make sure the pitcher is empty before I go to bed.
I went out and bought a 32oz. water bottle, after I have finished it TWICE I know that I have gotten in the minium amount of water, I need that visual thing!!! LOL
Originally Posted by penguin0199 View Post
I have water bottles that are .5L each and so I make sure I drink at least four of those. Plus I eat ice alot throughout the day. Which also helps when I'm hungry.
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