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Originally Posted by Hockey Mom23 View Post
Penguin - good job on handling the stress of the week in a totally healthy way! Woohoo!!

I've been colder than usual since being on IP. I think my body is burning my fat layers, which kept me insulated. LOL

For those of you who had a slip - it's OK, don't beat yourself up. Can't go back and undo it, so move forward and make today a better day. You can do it!
here's why I think you may be colder...

Have you ever noticed that after eating you would get cold too? Here is why. When you are digesting food all the blood has to flow to your stomach to do it's thing (which by the way is why you should not work out, or swim etc, immediately after eating... what cuts your digestion in that case is that working out makes your blood go to your muscles ...away from processing your food in your tummy)

Anyway, so my thought is your body is sending the blood to melt the fat instead of keeping you warm, because it needs to do that for energy

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