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Originally Posted by Calgarygirlie View Post
Pitakitten... I don't think you should worry about it being a water fluke. You are doing great. My first 3 weeks I lost 16lbs, and I firmly believe it can't all be water I do walk, but I have stopped really working out while on IP Although I swear running after 2 small children should count for something haha.
Motiv8ed!... That is so great that you are there for your mom. I think that despite her obstacles, it is a great sign that she is still interested in investing her own health. You are making a difference in her life..maybe you should call yourself "motiv8ormama"
YAY for me, I finally figured out all the smileys Hey...does that count as a NSV???
Thank you! My mom is wonderful and I can't imagine not having her around, she is my everything buddy. She is my rock, so as the saying goes, turnabout is fair play.

Don't you love the smileys? You did a nice job incorporating them throughout your post, how fun!

Originally Posted by The Dalai Mama View Post
I am in my 3rd week and I cannot thank all of you who post here enough. It's so nice to not be the only one going through this process. Each of your success's brings me such good cheer. I'm on IP phase 1 and have lost 12 pounds with another 80+ to go. I may not look different at this point, but I sure do feel better. Thanks one and all.
At times vanity gets ahold of us all, but feeling better is so much more important to me than how I look. Glad you found us, welcome! Keep up the good job on your weight loss!

CW...So happy for you! Can't wait to hear how it went! BOOO TOM!! (don't let it spoil this special time!!)

Cheers for each five!!

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