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Originally Posted by naynai0428 View Post
Hey everyone, I've been reading over all of your threads like a stalker the last few days and I'm glad to say I just ordered my IP stuff from Ideal to Go!!! I went to my sister's wedding a month ago, whom by the way has always been a size 0, I tried on dress after dress with my mom trying to stuff me in a size 20. I left the bridal store with no dress and fighting back tears. I also have a wonderful fiancee that is constantly getting frustrated that I have a hard time believing him when he says I'm beautiful. I realize that if I don't believe it myself I'm definitely not going to believe it from anyone else, I feel like I've lost who I was with all this weight I've gained. I'm ready to regain my confidence, I'm sick of looking at pictures and thinking, "Do I really look like that?" My bestie in Cali started IP a week ago and she is the one that told me about it and after reading all the success that you ladies have had....I CAN'T WAIT TO START!!
Naynai0428 great decision your going to luv Ideal Protien. Stick to it take your supplements and drink your water and you will be amazed and sorry you did not start sooner. I started 2/18/10 and am down 37 lbs hoping it's 40 by the end of this week.
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