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oh my, my! been out of the loop for a few days...plugged in a cord to the wrong spot on my router-no internet for days and now i feel dumb after have a tech guy come to the house and point out my problem, i blamed it on the lack of carbs in my diet these days

cw-i cannot WAIT to hear hubby's reaction!

pookee-awesome weigh in!

jordanna-i hope your laptop gets fixed son, we all miss you terribly.

dk-YOU should be an ip coach, you are so knowledgeable and have great input here

ok, so i had an amazing moment on sunday. got back from the lake to pick up my son from my MIL's and stepped on the scale in her bathroom, it said 180!!!!! i weigh in tomorrow, we'll see how accurate her scale was but i've got my fingers crossed to be in the 170's tomorrow morning.

wa-hoo! just squeezed into my blue cults from 2003(was 19 in '03 & pre-babies)! i'll admit they're tight but shoot- they zipped without sucking in, i'll take it

welcome all the newbies, i have been on IP 2 weeks tomorrow and this has been the BEST decision of my life(besides marrying my husband and having my kiddos!)

good luck to all this week, i have missed you!

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