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Originally Posted by Calgarygirlie View Post
Naynai... I second pitakitten. I take mine throughout the day. In Canada it gives you that recommendation on your info sheet. I would stay away from taking them all at once.
I believe that several folks here have purchased supplements outside of IP, but for myself I have just stayed with IP. Probably more to do with sheer laziness in comparing products to ensure I get the same stuff
I'm the same way - the vitamin aisle is SO confusing at the store. Tried to look around the Vitamin Shoppe store and couldn't believe the options. Too much for me so I follow the recommendations of my coach (these are IP vitamins):

AM: 1 Multi-Vita, 1 Potassium Calcium
DINNER: 1 Multi-Vita, 2 Cal-Mag
PM: 2 Cal-Mag
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