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To MEPETERSON:These drinks have 30grams of protein in them. Is that to much protien to have in one drink? I am in maintanance phase right now and will be restarting phase 1 the end of next month. I am not going to do the ip packets as the cost is to high. I have ordered some stuff from Lindora and have gotten a few of the EAS shakes. I would like to purchase these shakes from our costco but am worried that it would be to much protein 3x a day. any thoughts?

I only drink ONE of these Premier Protein Tetra Paks a day. They are very filling and satisfying so I have it in the morning. I would NOT drink 3 a day b/c I reserve them as a "treat" among my other food and b/c it is very high in protein. First thing in the morning gets the day started off nicely. A 5 oz beef pattie or turkey pattie can have about 25 gr of protein so I also have my "real, natural" protein during the day. I also use the EAS AdvantEDGE not to be confused with some of the high carb EAS drinks.

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