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Pitakitten... I don't think you should worry about it being a water fluke. You are doing great. My first 3 weeks I lost 16lbs, and I firmly believe it can't all be water I do walk, but I have stopped really working out while on IP Although I swear running after 2 small children should count for something haha.
Motiv8ed!... That is so great that you are there for your mom. I think that despite her obstacles, it is a great sign that she is still interested in investing her own health. You are making a difference in her life..maybe you should call yourself "motiv8ormama"
mwaller.. YAY!!!!!!!
hockeymom... WOOHOO for you! I rememer quite clearly the moment I hit the 180's, enjoy! frustrating isn't it? But we will get there! Good luck with the dreaded afternoon WI
Lemiesse... thanks for the commiseration Ahh the plight of the scale hoppers, haha. We just need to put them aside and believe in the easy to say isn't it?
Showgirl!... Thanks again for letting me know that I am not the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD (haha) with a stagnant week. You progress and words are great to watch and read

YAY for me, I finally figured out all the smileys Hey...does that count as a NSV???
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