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Originally Posted by Chaplains wifey View Post
Ok Im trying to stay calm ... My husband comes home today .The kids still think he is coming tomorrrow .They are going to be so surprised . Bad news is I got my TOM last night ! Can you beleive it ? My husband is not going to be happy about that .LOL . Sorry you guys probably don't need to know that .
HOW EXCITING! were you even able to sleep?hehehehe
About the TOM... believe me (and here is my TMI) I don't think he will care! hahahaha

Enjoy the next two weeks. Don't go TOO crazy but also don't get discouraged and remember this, a lot of times when we do eat out it is mainly water retention! You will drop it again so just have fun!!!

Originally Posted by Hockey Mom23 View Post
Chaplains Wifey: I'm thinking of you and your family today! Can't wait to hear about your husband's reaction to your new look!

Psst: don't look now, but I made it to the 180's today. HOORAY!!!!!!!
WOAH!!! Check you out!!!!

Congratulations! Keep going there....Man before you know it you will catch up to me! hehehe

My new goal is to get into the 160s already...sheesh! Maybe this week, although I too will be having my period...ugh

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