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Originally Posted by HopefulTricia View Post
WyoSun- I did rocket fuel for a day too with little success. I did eat some lettuce or celery too but otherwise just 4 IPs. Still didn't help me get to the elusive 180sss. I would have done it a second day but had a dinner to go to Sunday night. Trying to just stay on track and be patient.
Any day now it just has to happen....
Hockeymom23- Got my book yesterday. Have just read a little bit but I know there's some good info there for me. I really liked cleaning my closet some too but felt guilty about good clothes that have to go... did you feel that way?
I think you will really like the book. Sometimes I stop and re-read things and I can almost see the lightbulb going on in my head. I did feel guilty about the clothes. I gave three bags to a friend of mine who isn't as far along in her weight loss journey, and donated the rest to a local thrift store that raises $ for cancer patients. So....that was a little less guilt-inducing. My husband was in awe of my empty closet. I'm sure he's taking bets as to how long it will take me to fill it again.
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