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Originally Posted by kellyrook View Post
I'm starving. I don't get it. I've been doing IP for 12 days now and things have been great. Appetite has really diminished. But today! Is this normal to be so ravenous, out of the blue?
Originally Posted by Calgarygirlie View Post
Hi everyone! I have a question. Has anyone else had a week where they have not lost a single lb, and they have truly not cheated? It is not my TOM, nor approaching and this week was a bust. It was like I had hit the ground running, and week 4 was a total standstill.

Thanks everyone! It is great to see the NSV and the lbs lost for all of you, it truly does help to keep motivated.
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I am sort of in the same predicament... I am in my second week on IP, doing Boot Camp with no restricted items whatever; I am following it precisely. The first week I lost 6lbs and now, since then I have lost 2 ounces, that is it. I am so bummed and I really shouldn't be hopping on the scale every two hours but I am desperate to see it move more than 2 oz! It isn't my TOM either and I am getting the sea salt in and all the water... I am hoping that its my scale but somehow I don't think so I hope the weight finally decides to budge... maybe we need additional snacks. Right now i'm just doing 3 IP packets and one meal but I have been told that you can up the packets to 4 and a scares me to eat that much ironically!
Originally Posted by newsiemom View Post
Kellyrook, I get the same way right around my TOM. I see BlueMermaid already commented and just wanted to chime in. It's crazy hunger for a few days and then I'm totally fine again. The scale usually is very nice to me the week after TOM too, so it's something to look forward to. Nice work on not cheating! Keep it up!
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here is hoping that my peroid stops as it has been going on for a while now AND that by friday I see the scale move downwards again.

Hey Ladies!

Yes, I get RAVENOUSLY hungry at weird times. USUALLY it is related to my TOM coming. Occasionally, I ate something that had a sugar, starch, or sugar alcohol or citric acid and didn't realize it. Like when someone else tells me the cooked a perfect on plan meal for me . It goes away pretty quickly. Once I did it to myself with too many higher carb veggies. Another time with too much lemon juice. A third time was when I tried to use fennel. I also had some WEIRD span of time where, from week 12 to week 15 I was JUST HUNGRY!!.

Yes, I don't lose as much as I use to either. I frequently see between 1 and 2.5 pounds. I have had many weeks of no loss at all and a few weeks where I actually gained a couples of ounces.

For me, my TOM is crazy. On average it starts every 23 days now (sometimes 21 others 28 and I might spot for 3 to 5 days too) Then I go for up to 10 days. I can't wait to be done just so I can see my body cyclesgo back to normal.

I barely lose anything just before TOM. Gain during. LOSE between 3 and 6 the week after. I average 12 or so a month.

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