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SusanB - thanks for the website info, it will help until I finish the book (I'm buying it this weekend, I think. If B&N has a copy, otherwise I'll check amazon and have to wait a few days to get it). I've read The Paleo Diet, NeanderThin, The Paleolithic Prescription (that one was a long time ago, though) and also Refuse to Regain (in which the author refers to "Primarian eating") which all share a lot of the same premises regarding the most appropriate foods.

koceank29 Yeah I'm a scary hunter-gatherer, hobbling in the woods with my cane. It was SO fun (and I am so sore, but feel victorious that I can move - sometimes after unexpected levels of exhertion my muscles cramp up so badly I can barely stand up - I'm not so sure how straight I'm standing, but I can walk so I'm doing good). Funny though, I didn't even think of it, but my hubby is a big-time foodie and was pointing out the forest flora that were edible (such as the fiddlehead ferns, "taste like asparagus" he told us).

BibBob - Inspiration + Information = Lasting Motivation. Oh Yeah. I have to keep feeding myself information though, or I get sloppy. I don't think I've ever had "Lasting Motivation" and I think it's because I need a constant diet of information to stoke the fires of motivation. After all, I read The Paleolithic prescription nearly 20 years ago (sounded inspiring, but I yielded to the common wisdom of the day - that it was a "fad diet," dangerous because it eliminated the "food group" of grains).
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