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Thanks Susan. It was the term "macros" I was unfamiliar with, but I gotta say fixing the ice cream with bacon and eggs is so counterintuitive that it just has to be right!

Thanks for the recipe koceank. And yesterday was my first day of this lifestyle.

Brief confession that may only make sense to me. I decided on New Year's NOT to fly into another destined to yo yo and fail crash diet like I have so many times. I like fasting for quick weight loss, but long term it has not proven wise.

I write for a living, and I've found when researching a hot topic, like emerging accounting issues for derivatives and defense contractors (hehe), the fresh information itself is motivational for me. The better the new information the more motivated I am to get the story right. So, I developed this personal theory that if I was going to get healthy maybe I could apply this quirk of my personality to get myself right, rather than a topic. Weight loss inspiration has always come easy then waned. So my idea was Inspiration + Information = Lasting Motivation. Make sense? That led me to research everything diet related with a deep passion I never had before -- it became information, a research project, not just a pain in my fat butt. I did not diet during this process. I looked at 100+ programs/systems/diets over those 4 months. I read between 4-10 hours a day on the topic. I've mentioned in a few posts that I was prepared, even expecting, to emerge from this a vegetarian, possibly raw vegan from the data I started with. I set a date of May 1st to be informed and inspired and get this right for the last time. Man, I hope it works. Here's the real confession. For the last 10 days or so, I knew the paleo lifestyle had won me over after all that reading. So, during the final 10 days, I said goodbye to all the foods I was about to eliminate by indulging in them. I am sure I put on 15 pounds in those ten days. Ugh. Stupid, but it is what it is.

Susan -- Grocery shopping was shocking! 9/10ths of the store is poison!
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