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Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm going to stick with it this month.

Susan - Due to some psychological issues I'm dealing with, I'm no longer weighing myself. I suspect I'm somewhere between 225-230 pounds, and I'm 5'7" - 5'8". I have a lot of trouble with numbers on the scale, so I'm tossing it!

Up, having my coffee, thinking I should scramble some eggs for breakfast and wondering what to do today. It's definitely time to grocery shop, so maybe I'll do that, come back here and clean my room (oh dear, does it ever need to be done!), and then I've got some plans this afternoon to tutor a student ... so that's going to be my day, I think! I'm pretty sore from the kettlebells yesterday, and I also went on a short hike with a friend (about an hour) - so probably no formal exercise today. However, a nice long walk at some point would be good ...
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