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Thumbs up Sunday - The Warblers are here!

Diet Coaches/Buddies - A glorious day! Started early chasing the newly arrived Warblers. Saw a good bunch, including a Black-throated Blue Warbler. It doesn't take much to make a birder happy, LOL. Birding is a terrific way to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and environment while getting, unfortunately, almost no exercise. The best views come from standing quietly. But, after lunch I took a walk to Trader Joe's, CREDIT moi, to get some California Golden Raisins. When I need a walk, I can always conjure up some need to justify a walk to Trader Joe's.

And finished some household chores, including changing a passage way door knob set that had broken; CREDIT moi. Now that's not a big job, but it's easy to put off. It also reminds me that I can't replace just the small broken piece - it only comes in the full dual door-knobs set - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

maryblu - LOL at your two "raspberry stealin' dawgs" - perhaps someday you'll make a youtube video of those rascals. My own guess is that "this yo-yo thang" always remains, the cycle just gets shorter, until we yo-yo within a few days and just look like we're constant. But,that's just my guess - check with me in about 20 years and I'll let you know.

onebyone - Yay for procrastination driven productivity - whatever works. Interesting observation about binge working - it'd be great to think that getting to eating on a regular even level would leak into all other aspects of our lives. Good luck re-delving into Volumetrics; I do like the notions in that book and think it's part of what drove me toward the monster raw salad that I do with my lunches at work.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for 'outstanding on food" for a whole week of business travel - I'm really impressed since I can quickly make up several reasons that I deserve food because of the deprivations of travel. Ouch for kids who need a little acting out to punish mom for abandoning them - in that regard, they're just like cats, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - hmmmmm... seems like your 3 year old friend Adam was "stotting" in the terminology of Shepherdess, LOL. Congrats for one more "healthy day." Yay for having so much business in your seven bird houses. And thanks for the acknowledgment.

CeeJay - Such clear perspective on your previous month without using the various "Thinking Errors" of the all-or-nothing type that Beck discusses in day 26. So useful to give yourself credit for leveling out your eating even if it's not yet at the 100% that you'd like. Kudos for clarity.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the Spring loss down to your new low. And Yay for confidence and gratitude.

Shepherdess - Have a joyful Sunday with 30 cowboy guests with their boots on your floors. Good luck avoiding the platters of desserts and goodies while watching hungry men devour them all. By the by, does Wyoming have cowgirls?

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, Kudos for pulling off your organized assault on the supermarket. Even Generals have to learn to plan an attack, LOL. Re sardines: I eat them on Romaine Lettuce leaves, sparing myself the need to pack crackers - the carrier of choice. As kids, we'd mix them up with mayonnaise, mustard, and relish - just like canned tuna - and spread that on bread. I recall using about as much mayonnaise as sardines ... <shudder>.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for the noble task of supporting your library book sale (while serving your own insatiable desire for more books, I'd guess, LOL). Neat calculation that you easily reach half the days of the year with a reason to eat off-plan.

Readers -
day 26
Common Thinking Errors

There are nine common thinking mistakes people make when dieting:

. . .
Thinking Mistake #3: Overly Positive Fortune Telling
You predict the future too positively, without considering other possible problems.
  • I'll be able to eat just a little bit of this food I crave, feel satisfied, and stop.
  • It's okay if I just estimate the amount of food I'm supposed to have instead of measuring it. I'll still lose weight.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 195.
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