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I ordered Primal Blueprint from the library and was just informed that it was "too popular" to loan out through Interlibrary loan. Our library staff, on hearing of the book has promised to put it on the purchase list. I'm sure I'll have bought and read it by then, but it was nice that they were so interested in the book.

I did something else "primal" today (sort of). Hubby and I went geocaching with a friend (wandering around the woods, hunting for hidden hidden trinkets).

I am so sore, I can hardly move. I wasn't moving fast (and I was using my cane for balance and support), but I was able to make it to two of the three caches (about 2 to 2.5 miles, in total, I think).

I am going to be very, very sore tomorrow. I had a minor allergic reaction to something in the woods (had to pop a benedryl and use my steroid cream on my face. My entire face turned bright, the skin swelled a bit and I felt like my face was on fire). Oh, and I had my first full body "tick check" (I'm a real Wisconsinite, now!)

If I can get out of bed tomorrow, I'll be surprised.
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