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Post saturday night

Hi Coaches

In my avoidance of all aspects of making things (ie.procrastination) I got a lot of other needed things done today. The annual art in the park event that my friend and I run is now well underway. We juried the applicants, I sent welcome accpetance letters to applicants, I contacted two people to do with the show that I needed to do for a while now. I did bank deposits, made dinner from scratch (credit) and then let Kitty X out and saw she wanted to escape to the neighbour's yard. I blocked the area under the fence she was using ad that made her perturbed. I figured since I hadn't cleaned my backyard, esp. the patio stone area that that was what made next door so appealing, so I cleaned the backyard. Credit spontaneous exercise. I alos cleaned off the coffee table and found my Volumetrics book. I'm taking that to bed for some reading. I recall considering that as a foodplan and I am going to take another look at it. In the end I did get some work done towards my art shows a week from today. I have been experimenting with new surface treatments of my plastic material and it's very intriguing what I am coming up with. But gee, am I working slow. I think the way I work has changed. I was a real binge worker, doing very little then working like a maniac until exhausted. Seems I am not too interested in that anymore. I think I need to adjust myself to my new desires. The binge working just isn't gonna cut for me anymore. Hopefully this is connected to the food and eating issues I have had as well. I think it is true though. even when I am off plan it is rare for me to really binge eat. I may choose food that is less than great or off plan but I don't really pig out all that often. Credit for this.

Have to get to bed.

It's May already. Can you believe it? Wow.

Have a good restful evening coaches.
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