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Default Day 1 done

I'm stuffed so I'm done eating for the day. I did an unintentional intermittent fast skipping breakfast because the kid got pancakes and I passed. Then I got busy with work and skipped lunch. That led to deciding to take a long walk before eating, which got me almost to dinner. I had some almonds and celery as an appetizer, pulled a lovely round roast out of the crock pot and steamed a whole head of cabbage. I ate plenty -- filling up on the cabbage. I calculate my total calories for the day at about 1000 - 1100, total carbs under 50 grams, and I am sated. Feeling fine.

I don't have a scale that can handle my weight and I DON'T want one, so I am weighing in at the doctor's office on the first of each month. I prefer not obsessing over it every day or even every week anyway.

I like your menu koceank. But WTH is avocado pudding?

Stick with us Cheeky. You can do this. Bread is the poison of civilization, the agent of modern disease. I'm stuffed on wonderful food -- grain free -- heading into fat burning ketosis -- healing my metabolic syndrome -- gettin' happy!
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