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Well, yesterday was hit and miss as far as food was concerned. That seems to be the trend right now. I did avoid mindless snacking in the afternoon, but I was baking brownies for the branding today and did not avoid mindless nibbling of brownie bits. Iím trying to stay on track right now, but am not beating myself up too much for the mistakes Iím making. Brandings are always a tough time. Itís tradition to make a big party out of it. We have a coffee break half way through, which is coffee and soda, and several desserts. Then afterwards, we have a big potluck lunch and more desserts. Iím skipping the one today, because I have too much to do. But I have to admit that Iím relieved to not face that food situation two days in a row. Iím just doing my best right now and plan to re-impose some serious discipline when this is all over.

Exercise didnít happen yesterday. I am desperately trying to get my house clean so on Sunday I can have a crew of 30 cowboys track whatever they pick up on their boots across my floors. But it was snowing all AM anyways, which turned into freezing rain by later afternoon. That didnít stop my genius Spaniel from swimming in the pond while I was feeding the sheep. I guess that little spot of pond where the outflow water keeps ice from forming was just a little too tempting. Then she sat on the kitchen floor giving me sad brown eyes while her teeth were chattering.

MerinoGirl, I weigh in daily as well. Beck recommends it in the green book (Complete Beck Diet for Life). There are different schools of thought on this and we all just need to do what works for us. I think the important thing is getting to the point where that number is just information and not a judgment on what kind of person we are.

Lexxiss, I agree with your sentiment ďI loved the visiting, but will very much enjoy the return to my routine.Ē Great job using that resistance muscle and having pumpkin pie without the crust. Itís a healthy treat. Iím crossing my fingers that this is the last snow of the year too!

BillBE, yay for being full of omega 3s! Itís always a fine line between saving a few calories and turning a favorite food into a ďwhy bother?Ē Good job trying to balance it all.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for another healthy day, even with the switch to tortilla chips. Ouch for a three-year-old jumping on your already-tender foot. All of your warm weather food sounds wonderful. Itís making me long for summer!

Seadwaters, great job getting organized and doing all your shopping. I love my slow cooker. It is so great when busy. I turn it on in the AM, have a hot healthy dinner waiting for me in the evening and thereís always plenty of leftovers.

Maryblu, Iím laughing at your raspberry stealing dog! I love those unseasonable warm snaps, but they do come with a price, when the other shoe drops on the weather. We have the same problem here. Crossing my fingers that you stay frost free and have a wonderful fruit harvest. Glad youíre back on track and finding it easier. I remember reading in Beck that the wagon doesnít leave when you fall off; it stops until you get back on (Iím paraphrasing). I find that comforting.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on 8.5 lbs down this spring and a 7lb loss for April. You broke through that plateau with a vengeance! Hereís to a successful new month.
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