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Default Saturday Evening

Hi Coaches
A good food day - achieved my eating goals and organised a shopping list and shopped for it. I know for most people this is an everyday achievement but for me it is a challenge to plan and only buy what I have on my list - so credit me! I bought nothing extra - except for some dog food I had actually forgotten to put on the list so they were very happy

I haven't read the pink book for a while and I haven't looked at my A & R cards for a bit so tomorrow I need to give that some time. I am also going to do some slow cooker food for the freezer. I haven't been drinking enough again. I weighed myself, gave credit, stayed on plan, walked around the supermarket for exercise (more than enough!)

BeverlyJoy - Glad you had a healthy day yesterday (and day before) and hope that the medication is helping without side effects. Ouch for jumping for joy right on your foot, You have inspired me to get back into the pink book to stay focussed and on the program - a food plan is not enough

GardenerJoy - Yay for exercise for the first time in a while - that must feel good. Not sure what a Quizno is but probably best avoided methinks - but ritual is a big draw card

Onebyone - Congrats on keeping it down to 20 lbs - that is terrific

Shepherdess - credit for running in windy conditions - but you sound like an old hand at it. Yay for moving on from snacking. I am trying to do a little gentle exercise and hopefully it will increase with time. Not going to leap in and expect miracles

MerinoGirl - your merino sheep is very fetching. Very dear to Australian hearts as it seems we grew up with them even in the city - wchool did that I think. Well done for checking in and reading the postings - I always find it helps

Ruth (Lexxiss) - Glad you have your routine back and it sounds like you get credit for staying in charge of food while they were there. Credit for salad over basketball food - has to be a better choice. Sending supportive thoughts for staying focused and reaching goal

BillBlueEyes - hope those leaves delay a bit and don't hide those tiny birds. I never know what to do with canned sardines if I haven't got toast to put them on - what do you do with them?

That's it folks


Short Term Goal

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