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S/C/G: h254/IP248/186/130 or size 4

Height: 5'5" size 12 mostly


Originally Posted by Vicjul View Post
Carla I have written the book on fat girl optical illusions LOLOL

The dress is fitted I have attached the link, when I ordered it everyone said it made me looked slimmer although I think I was 213 when I ordered it.
We should do THAT as a thread! The "fat chick tricks" you will no longer need to use! lmao.... I could start it with standing slightly behind someone in a picture so you "think" you lose a third of your body mass!

I LOVE the dress! Stunning! You will be beautiful in it! Your Bride has good taste! Or did you get to pick it?

Originally Posted by deinekatze View Post
Guuuuurrrrlllll, when the skinny me was around that was not a problem... this is new! That's why I never thought about it!

and your thighs are smaller than mine my friend...try 25inches!

You look great... I just know (thanks to my modeling background) how to pose and what angles to use LOL... believe me...that's all it is ;-)

Here are my measurements TODAY
Chest 38
waist 32
Hips (I like to call it Butt!) 43 1/2
Thigh 25
and since it was the subject....
Calf 14 1/2

OMG ladies!!!!

Thank you for the BOOT reminder... LOOK!!!!
Awww! Thanks! I feel huge!

I am only 5'5" and have been told I have a large bone structure. I also seem to have a lot of muscle (not as much as I used to but I haven't really done any weight training in a year) which may help.

My starting measurements in inches were:

size: 20
Chest: 48
Natural Waist: 41.5
Lower ab at top of hip bone: 43.5
Hips: 52
Neck: 14.75
Bicep: 19
Thigh: 30.75
Calf: 19

My Current Measurements in inches are:

size: 10/12

Chest: 38
Natural Waist: 27
Lower ab at top of hip bone: 32
Hips: 40
Neck: 12
Bicep: 12.25
Thigh: 21.5
Calf: 15.75 to 16 ... kind of in between

I would like my final measurements to be:
Chest: 36 to 37 , Waist: 25, Hips: 36 to 37, Bicep: 9, Thigh: 19??? or smaller, Calves: smallish normal... like a 12??? PLEASE!

I have always had a large lower body. Strong and muscular. Was called "bubble butt" from 2nd grade all thru high school. I want to be a size 6 maybe 19 - 21 percent body fat. Smallest I've been as an adult was a size 4. My waist was a 19-1/2", not that I hope to get that back, it was nearly 20 years ago after all! In your career/background? Do my goals seem "realistic"? How much can one reduce in body fat by training effectively? What about if I were on a maintenance diet focused on protein/ moderate fat, and low carb?

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...
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