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Hockey Mom23 - I agree with you on missing on the group support from WW; we're so fortunate to have this group! Let us know what you think of "Women, Food and God"; I know I could use some insight

Calgarygirlie - we have the sugar fairy in our house, as well. I told my sister-in-law about it after Halloween, and she told me that I was mean. Sorry, but I don't want my 1 and 3 year old to ingest all that garbage!!

I had a really bad morning with my girls this morning (eating was well, but my mood was atrocious due to my early wakeup call from my baby and a broken truck window). Yes, I used to eat out of emotion, rather than hunger... and I seem to be over it (for the time being). I even made popcorn for my 3-year-old this afternoon, and I didn't have ANY!! This is a huge accomplishment for me as popcorn was my main comfort food. Here's hoping I can stick to this program through to the end!
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