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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post

can you share how long you did the IP protocol with IP before switching to an alternate "products" approach? Did you notice any change in the amount of weight you were losing per week? Was it any more challenging or difficult? Did you still go to an IP coach for weigh-in? Did you notice any other changes in your body after the switch? Were you still using IP supplements?

I never went 100% alternate products - IP is just so very convenient - but the cost was starting to really upset me; and make me worried that I was going to have to ditch the diet and I was so committed to staying on the diet and continuing my weight loss.

I checked out a couple of the websites that others ordered from but one didn't ship to Canada and i never got around to ordering from another site. I live in a really small town so some of the other options others were doing weren't workable for me - no Walmart, etc.

As a result I probably stuck strictly to IP for around 3 months (around 75-80% of my loss - I'm guessing). I had the diet down pat by then. My first switch was the liquid eggs. I bought a couple of different flavours, including egg white, and took them home to compare them to the IP eggs - figured if they were to far out of whack i could still feed them to my family. I couldn't believe how easy it was to match the nutritional profile of the IP one - really saved a lot with this switch. I had the eggs just about every morning and so this switch saved me 1 box/week or over $100/month.

I mentioned the liquid eggs to my coach and she didn't seem to have a problem - to be honest i wasn't really asking for approval by then as i'd spent a ton of money there and figured i'd been supporting them faithfully for quite a while - also, there is 100% markup on the IP products so... No change in weight loss and I still went in every week for my weigh ins. i didn't expect any weight loss difference because i had done my homework and matched the nutritional profile to IP products.

I started looking for protein alternatives after that - the money savings were really enticing - purchased a vanilla and plain bulk protein from my local grocery store - did a full label check and purchased ones sweetened with splenda. Huge savings! Like .60 per serving compared to 3.87 - hard to get past that! I used them sparingly and to round out my regular IP purchases. used the unflavoured as my soup base - used chicken broth and veggies to make a soup - a bit more work maybe and not as delicious but it helped out my wallet. Then i bought only IP products that i really love. I only used the vanilla a bit and found that the IP products filled me up better - funny thing - I'm using the vanilla now while I'm in maintenance - make a smoothy with milk, fruit and protein powder for a breakfast meal.

I still used the IP supplements - could never get around to ordering from somewhere when I can just go down the street and buy them. I also take vitamin D and omega 3.

Every one is different - but once you have the IP diet protocal figured out you can make small tweaks so that you can stay on the diet and continue losing - and that's what we're really aiming for here. And everyone is losing - every 1 lb is a loss - don't get discouraged or compare your loss to anyone else - everyone is a different shape, and their bodies are different. Take some time and add up your inches lost - put on a pair of pants that used to fit - notice how big they are now - realize you are making progress.

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