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Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
I had avery sad thing happen last night, we have two indoor cats and one of them escaped without us realizing it. We got a call from our neighbour telling us that Zoe was under his patio and looked really sick.

We ran outside and got her, and she wasn't moving and she was taking these short laboured breaths, we couldn't see anything physically wrong with her but we think she either got poisoned from getting in to something or maybe run over.

My husband rushed her to the emergancy vet, but being that it's an hour and a bits drive from where we live and she died about 10 minutes before he got to the vet.

I know it's not diet releated but it's on my mind.
j~ I'm so sorry for the loss of your cat. The great thing about this board is that we can share whatever is going on in our lives, it doesn't have to be diet related. Things will get better, at least she's not suffering anymore.

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