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Originally Posted by chimpchamp View Post
HELP!! IDEAL PROTEIN WILL COST ABOUT $2000 for 90 days of Phase 1, then I'll have to continue purchasing for Phase 2, and I do not want to have to rely on purchasing such $$$$ product for an extended period of time. $$$$ is tight!! I know all of you can relate; I'm not complaining--just making a plea for some help with some questions I have.

Believe me, I'd love to go full force into IP but am very limited in my budget. Please, anyone, someone, everyone, let me know what you think of some of these substitutions. The key is to get substantial intake of vitamins, nutrients, salt, potassium, and other electrolytes while staying low carb (less than 40 or so) so my body will kick into ketosis, correct?? So, if I can manage the fat, carb, calories, sugars, in the products while sticking with the restricted veggie list, would this work?
can you pay weekly or do you have to do it all up front? i spend about $120 per week including veggies, meats and packets and in the end without eating out and buying junk i'm only spending about $40 more than i normally would i'm sorry i have no info on lindora but i'm sure you will get the answers here
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