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Originally Posted by mamaerinb View Post
jordanna, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. pets really are part of the family and it's very difficult to handle those losses. hoping your day gets better and we're all thinking of you!

anyone have an idea what i should expect at my first weigh in? i weighed in at 192 last wednesday and i'm not sure if i should expect an awesome 6 or 7 lb loss like some of you gals have had or more like a 2-3 lb loss. i am very tall and have a lot of muscle but my baby gut(had 2 babies in the last 4 years), cellulite and my saddlebags went crazy and out of my comfor zone this past year.

anyone who started around my weight remember what their first week's loss was?

thanks y'all!(I'm from Texas and yes we say y'all a LOT)
I'm in Austin too and hoping to start IP next Friday! May I ask which doctor's office you are going to and how you like them?
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