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Originally Posted by brocola View Post
Back on the wagon, but man am I draggin! It's like starting from the beginning! I can't believe I'm that sensitive to sugar/carbs that I'm having such withdrawal again after only two non-IP days!! Talk about learning a lesson the hard way. SIGH.

How do some people jump back and forth between IP and not without feeling so sick?
Hey Brocola,

I have actually gone in and out of the diet quite a bit. I started IP back in February (2/22/10) and was going strong for about 3 1/2 weeks and went off when my best friend came to visit from Oregon (I live in CO) and as I am moving back to Oregon soon I really wanted to enjoy myself with my bestie. So I went off IP for 4 days and got back on the wagon the day she left. It only took my 2 days to get back into ketosis and while I was off I ate pasta and pizza, you name it.

Then I went back on IP for 2 weeks and off for Easter Sunday dinner - I had some red wine at a dinner party I threw for some of my closest friends. Immediately after that I got bronchitis and had to go on some meds that kicked me out of ketosis.

Then this last weeked I was staying with a friend and her family in Seattle and was unable to cook for myself and I so I went out of ketosis (I didn't want to be rude to the hostess).

Today I am back on track and feeling good. Hopefully, I will be back in ketosis by Thursday and lose all my water weight. To me it is not that big of a deal because my weight loss is a long term goal and the breaks have helped me to stay on track. The only thing I dislike about going off IP and out of ketosis is gaining a little bit of weight back. I don't like having to surpass a weight goal more than once...but usually it comes off as water weight as soon as I am back in ketosis.

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