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Originally Posted by WyoSun View Post
I am also interested in information for going to phase 2. People are starting to notice my weight loss and I am getting things like, "you don't want to lose too much weight." and "you don't want to be too skinny, think of your age now". I totally get that and I am not out to be Twiggy(guess I'm showing my age here!!! LOL. But, when I say I am only half way or that I have 30 more lbs to lose, some people freak out. Part of it is that I am tall and people don't realize how much I really weighed or even how much I weigh now. That is one of the reasons I really didn't even want people to know I was on a diet. I am a smart person and I know what is good for me and I really don't need all that "advice". For my heighth, everything I have read says I should be in the 140 to 145 range (even the little guy on the Wii). My goal is 140 and I think that is realistic, but I won't know till I get in that range. Yes, in high school I weighed 115(Twiggy). That isn't going to happen and I don't want it to. The last time I lost weight I got to 135 and felt really good. That was almost 10 years ago. So, picking the ideal weight is a challenge and for the most part you don't need help from your friends.....just your coach and maybe this board.
Wyo - I think you need to not worry about "everyone", you are an amazing women and you know what's best for you. Take the comments and sort out the positive from the negative, Lord knows we need all the support and encouragement we can get. Take those negatives and shrug them off. You are gonna look and feel great when you get to YOUR goal.

Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
I had avery sad thing happen last night, we have two indoor cats and one of them escaped without us realizing it. We got a call from our neighbour telling us that Zoe was under his patio and looked really sick.

We ran outside and got her, and she wasn't moving and she was taking these short laboured breaths, we couldn't see anything physically wrong with her but we think she either got poisoned from getting in to something or maybe run over.

My husband rushed her to the emergancy vet, but being that it's an hour and a bits drive from where we live and she died about 10 minutes before he got to the vet.

I know it's not diet releated but it's on my mind.
Jordanna- So sorry Those types of losses are very upsetting. Sending you all my love and comfort.

Originally Posted by mwaller View Post
Congrats to everyone. Seems like everyone is doing pretty well.

Down another 2.2!! Yeah. Not that big of a number, but I like it!! That puts me down 25 even. I can really tell with the clothes now. Going to the smaller sizes! I am sooo excited to be even closer to onderland.
mwaller- Sounds like you're doing great, you'll be there before you know it! I said goodbye to my size 20's last week, it felt great!

Originally Posted by ibdadozer View Post
I ended up with a nasty flu bug and have been sick the last two days. I couldn't stomach my IP food and didn't get any of my veggies in and not near the water I wanted. I feel like I'm starting all over again today.
ibdadozer- Oh no! The flu sucks. Hang in there though, lots of us are cheering for you!

Love this thread, you guys are really inspirational, thanks!
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