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Originally Posted by Mom22 View Post
I weighed 200 lbs when I started - and didn't even know what to set my goal weight at - would this diet work, could i stay on it, could i afford it - i pulled 160 out of the air - wowee if I could weigh 160 I'd be in heaven! As i got into the diet and realized i could do it - even if only 1 pound at a time - and as i got closer to 160, i changed my goal weight to a goal size. I wanted to go into a store and try on size 10 and have them fit. And at 160 I wasn't ready - still wanted to look better - who knew that my dream weight wasn't low enough - human nature to want more I guess.

you started at a simliar weight to me, what pants size are you at now? i wear a 10 now but would like to be at a 6(maybe even a 4 ONE DAY)

i know hiow you feel about wanting more. after my daughter was born i got down to about 165, was wearing an 8 and thought i was "fat". oh lord...the psychological issues surrounding weight loss are more of an issue to me than actually getting on a diet and sticking with it.

today is my daughter's 4th birthday and we'll be having her party on saturday, any tips on b-day party foods that i can eat but others won't gag at? no cake for me this year! thank goodness i ordered it instead of trying to bake without taste testing-i loooooooooooove white cake!
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