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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post

hey Elizabeth! 
I am so sorry you are so hungry! I have been there. Funny thing is it happens on days when I have “hyper” protein. Maybe this commando thing is pushing the protein to the limit?? The interesting thing about peanut butter is either it was the fat, the salt ( you might lose a lot with the excess peeing), or does your brand have ANY sugar? I am inclined to think it was the fat/protein combination. Since fats digest slowly it may have offset whatever was happening with your blood sugar while it allowed you to slow down and fall asleep. I know that peanut butter was recommended by the endocrinologist monitoring my nieces diabetes to help her sleep. He said the protein helped to offset the hyperinsulin/hypoglycemia swings she got at night. It is interesting that it did the trick for you.
So, regarding heart rate training, are you saying don’t train while on IP or stay in the 60 – 70% range??? Not sure I am getting this.
Well I don't know what is going on but yesterday was bad too! The peanut butter I had was Simply Jiff (the only one I like) which is low sodium and 33% less per serving which is 2 Tbs it has6g carb, 2g dietary fiber and 2g sugar. (I just has one teaspoon)

I think also the issue is I am what you call a Fast Oxidizer so I NEED my fat lol

Today my Ketostix says I am between Moderate and Large

I saw WALK for cardio, or do things like Pilates or yoga, keep the HR at 60-70%

Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
I had avery sad thing happen last night, we have two indoor cats and one of them escaped without us realizing it. We got a call from our neighbour telling us that Zoe was under his patio and looked really sick.

We ran outside and got her, and she wasn't moving and she was taking these short laboured breaths, we couldn't see anything physically wrong with her but we think she either got poisoned from getting in to something or maybe run over.

My husband rushed her to the emergancy vet, but being that it's an hour and a bits drive from where we live and she died about 10 minutes before he got to the vet.

I know it's not diet releated but it's on my mind.
I am so sorry!!!!

I had to take one of ours to the vet yesterday too as she was complaining in pain...yet the vet found nothing wrong. Called us today and blood work and Urine results came back normal too... Not sure is she sprained her leg or something. It is devastating when we see them suffer and don't know what to do.

I pray you take comfort in knowing that your kitty had a wonderful life with you all and felt much love always. I am sorry for your loss though...can't even think about something like that...I'm hurting for you

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