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Originally Posted by BevS View Post
Hi, Erin, You may be right. However, this came directly from Ideal Protein for Phase Oners. I was reading on line that the maximum protein we should have at one time is 30-40 grams. One egg plus 3 whites equal about 17 protein grams. The pudding or drink packets are mostly between 18 and 20 protein grams. That would average 35-37 grams of protein, the same as 5 ounces of chicken. Plus I have also read that our bodies can process non-meat forms of protein more easily than meats. I think the extra protein in the evening is to keep our bodies in ketosis overnight. When using the Ideal Protein protocol we are doing things a bit differently than we might do normally until we reach our goal. You don't want to start burning your muscle because you're not eating enough protein.
Awesome! I will take you and an IP coach's advice anyday over the GNC guy WOW, I had no clue that chicken had SO much protein, makes sense about the body having difficulties breaking down meats too. Thank you for your response, where is the April 26th-May 2nd thread? I really need my 3FC posts to help keep me motivated through the day and I have missed them the last two day

Tomorrow is my first WI, sooooo excited to check my results!
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