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Originally Posted by Novak View Post
Thanks for checking in! And congratulations on your great success. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask a few questions.

As I'm getting closer to the next phase, I am conflicted about what my target weight should be. I already lowered it 10 pounds to put myself more solidly into a healthy BMI range, yet I'm starting to wonder if that's enough. At some point I need to declare my 90% and move on, but I think I'm afraid I'll stop losing when I move to the next phases, and not reach my goal - whatever it may end up being.

You obviously overshot... did you continue to lose weight in phase 2 and phase 3? At what point did you move to phase 2? I know people say 80-90% of target... what was the process like for you?

I'd appreciate any information you'd be willing to share.
To give an answer to everyone asking about switching phases. I originally set my goal at 125, then moved it to 120, when I hit 123, I realized all my clothes that I wanted to wear fit, I felt good, looked good, etc, switched to phase 2 for 1 week to see if I would lose anything else, then phase 3 for two weeks as required, now maintenance. My thought process is that I lost the weight very quickly and switched to phase 2 when I was happy and thought I would only need to lose another 1-2 pounds, even though it was above my goal weight. I started at 126 to give you an idea of percentages.

with regards to math and percentages, I switched to phase 2 at 80% to goal, but I wasn't trying to lose much more. My personal opinion, switch to phase 2 when you are 80-90% of goal, and feel like you only want to be on IP for another 1-3 weeks before switching to phase 3. I am technically still 1 pound away from my goal weight, but don't feel I really need to lose that final pound and don't think that final pound was important enough for me to wait to switch to phase 2 or 3.

Hope this helps anyone

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