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hello to everyone - I've missed out on a lot of posts, finally got through them all and now I feel better. I've been telling everyone about this site. So glad I got all caught up - so thrilled for the support that these boards offer everyone - your a great and powerful support group. I'm hoping some of you can help me sort through some questions I have regarding all the differing information I've read/been told.

Week one was very difficult for me but am happy I made it through without straying from the program-my first weigh in and I'm down 9 pounds which is thrilling but i'm afraid to get too excited because I'm not sure if I'm doing this the IP way - I hope some of you may have the answers to my concerns (is there a 'newbie' section somewhere I may have missed-sorry if you've answered these before)

First off, I was told I must have 5 packets per day (currently only been using 4 unless really need 5th) one of which is supposed to be a restricted item every day - is this wrong? How do I know I'm in ketosis? Am I supposed to by strips? I was also told I'm allowed spelda - is there a limit to how much per day (I use it in my coffee and tea). I'm still very lightheaded after a week - glad my energy is back, but lightheaded nonetheless. Taking all my supplements & salt and drinking a ton of water with fresh lemon also, so just wondering if this will go away. I'd give up my 1R perday for their eggs, but they're back ordered and was told I can't order any more till further notice (very sad). I was told 3 cups of veggies per day maximum and 7 oz protein or more for dinner and what about browning garlic, is that also a no-no?

I know alot of questions but I'm concerned I didn't get all the right info up front. My coach (love her) is new to the whole IP program (started 4 weeks ago) and am not sure if she really knows all the answers yet - she just started with a group of 8 clients. She's having problems getting her foods from them so I'm a little worried about having what I need each week from her as well.

Thank you all - I love the posts - you all give me such strength. Even if I'm not posting I'm reading, I'm going to try to get on more often as well - so hard - wish I could get this on my blackberry so I could stay up to day while waiting from kids in car line!

Great day to all, I'm going to try to stay on for a bit.
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