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Originally Posted by sassykimann View Post
Good Morning all!

I weighed in for my week 8 WI and I am down 4 pounds for a total of 47 pounds. I was hoping to hit the 50 pound lost but I have been running everyday and doing aquabox so I guess the excercise does slow down the weight loss.Here is to a fabulous week ahead ladies
FANTASTIC!! WOO HOO!! You and your sweetie must be so proud of your focus under all the wedding prep!

Originally Posted by fluffymama View Post
only lost one lb. I am bummed!
Fluffy, I know it must feel bad to have that 1 lb staring you in the face. Please brighten up and look at that one pound as an accomplishment, I Do! YOU have such great stress right now. You haven’t been eating right and you still lost 1 pound! That is great! Focus on getting back to eating on plan this week. Realize how important it is to your well being and energy. I know that is hard to say when emotions are so strong right now. Just know, I see your 1 pound as a great loss under the circumstance. 

Originally Posted by Calgarygirlie View Post
WI for my 3rd week on IP 5lbs!!!!! Yay! I am shocked how well this works. I know I have said it before but it really does seem a little surreal. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and the scale will be up. But not today!
Fantastic! You did a great job at week 3! Keep it going!
Originally Posted by laurie beth View Post
Thanks Carla and Kelsey for directing me over here! I have been doing IP for 1 month plus...not doing well! As far as loosing I am doing ok! 20.8 lbs to date but boy I can't stay motivated! We go out to eat alot with will power! So in the time period I have been on and off several times! I haven't gained at any of my weigh ins but I know that I am doing this to myself! Until now, I haven't had any support either! SO glad to find this place and read about what you are all doing! At this point, then I have been doing this strong now for 3 days. I guess now I need to make sure I go back in to Ketosis, is that right? And then basically start over? Any tips or suggestions would be great!
Yes! STAY STRICT. Give yourself 2 or 3 really solid, on program strict weeks to get into a good ketosis. Although, YOU ARE DOING FANTASTIC given the circumstances! 20.8 lbs!! WOW!

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
Forgot supplements last night, left for work today, forgot them again! Cannot believe how tired I am today! Just dragging!!!
That is probably a mild electrolyte imbalance. You should be fine in a day. Drink your water. Maybe try taking an extra potassium, 2 extra cal/mag, and some extra salt. That is what is on my intake sheet for the program if you start feeling fatigue likely related to an electrolyte imbalance.

Originally Posted by Chaplains wifey View Post
Weigh in in the morning . We will see how I did after I had my one cheat on Sat . I can't beleive I cheated . So dissapointed in myself . Only 9 more days till my hubby will be home . Maybe I can at least loose 5 more lbs .
You will be fine. Don’t stress so much about Saturday, stay focused on doing what you were doing, be strict, get in your water. 5 pounds more is VERY realistic!
Originally Posted by Teresad View Post
Hey all - thought I'd start a new chat thread for the week...
To keep the moderators happy - maybe we should try to ask specific questions that we're expecting/hoping for multiple answers in separate threads... this will also help us find info on a question in one thread rather than scattered throughout multiple chat threads... just a thought.
Sounds like a good idea to me! Any other opinions/input? My only wish is that we could have our own forum, like the atkins group or something, we have so much activity I wonder if separate topic threads will eventually also be lost! 

Originally Posted by Mom22 View Post
Just checking in to say that there is life after IP. I am into the maintenance phase and things have been going well …… I'm only sharing to help motivate. There were lots of times on this diet that this board helped me to stay on track - hearing from others, their challenges and successes made me feel like i wasn't alone - support sure helps.
Thank you! AND, Congrats on the 50 pound loss!

Originally Posted by ChelleFL View Post
Haven't been on for a week or so. Progress is still really slow, but I finally got below 180. YaHoo!!!

Reunion is this weekend and really want to take off at least 5 lbs, but I only seem to lose 2 lbs a week. I'm being really strict, and I started walking 2 miles a day a week ago. I guess that is the best I can hope for with all the stress I've been under and my thyroid.
You are doing GREAT! I know the reunion is a separate matter than “doing great”. I just had to share I think the 2 pounds is a nice consistent loss! AND, you are well into ONEDERLAND now!

Originally Posted by hateusernames View Post
Hi everyone, I posted on the two day thread, but just found this weekly thread. Hope everyone has good numbers, and survived the weekend. I have good news, at my WI this morning I was down 6.2 pounds! All the salad and bootcamp living is paying off. Onederland here I come!
Great job on the 6.2 pound loss! doesn’t it just give you a ton of motivation for this week?

Originally Posted by LJHA View Post
do you think all beef hot dogs would be allowed, or too high in fat??
I wouldn’t do it unless they are no sodium, no nitrates or nitrites. Some people retain extra water after eating highly processed meats. You could do a low fat variety or a turkey dog maybe to cut the fat but the salt/nitrates/nitrites are probably still there.
Originally Posted by deinekatze View Post
Man I hope this commando thing allows me to lose like that too...cause it has not been that HUGE for me... and I am hungry... pee a TON, so loads of water...EEEEKKKK!
well I have to share... ever been SO hungry you can't sleep? For some reason that was me last night! I could not help it!
I finally got up and took a teaspoon of peanut butter (it was what I found) and then was finally able to sleep.... What was that about? I am in ketosis today so I guess I'm ok...although starving again.
The point of IP is to tap into your already stored fat as energy source and hence burn it off
hey Elizabeth! 
I am so sorry you are so hungry! I have been there. Funny thing is it happens on days when I have “hyper” protein. Maybe this commando thing is pushing the protein to the limit?? The interesting thing about peanut butter is either it was the fat, the salt ( you might lose a lot with the excess peeing), or does your brand have ANY sugar? I am inclined to think it was the fat/protein combination. Since fats digest slowly it may have offset whatever was happening with your blood sugar while it allowed you to slow down and fall asleep. I know that peanut butter was recommended by the endocrinologist monitoring my nieces diabetes to help her sleep. He said the protein helped to offset the hyperinsulin/hypoglycemia swings she got at night. It is interesting that it did the trick for you.
So, regarding heart rate training, are you saying don’t train while on IP or stay in the 60 – 70% range??? Not sure I am getting this.

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