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Originally Posted by Mom22 View Post
Just checking in to say that there is life after IP. I am into the maintenance phase and things have been going well. I started IP at the end of October and dealt with a lot of the very same issues as others. Boredom, finances, motivation and family support (good and bad). I stuck with it because I was determined that I was only going to do this once - even when I only lost 1 lb, i did lose. There's no way I was going to have those naysayers be right. I lost 50 lbs - that's 1/4 of my weight! I feel very different and clothes shopping is a joy - can't believe how small my clothes look when I hold them up. I have people that I haven't seen for a while and they don't recognize me - weird but true.

I did have a blow out weekend with drinks and lots of food (even had a dish of kraft dinner - sorry) and treats - I'm doing Phase 1 today to get back on track. I do know how to get back on track now - never used to and my blowout would have continued for days, weeks, months....decades.

My weight fluctuates a couple of pounds - there's the word out there that everyone gains back 5 lbs after this diet - don't know where that comes from - I haven't gained back and in fact if I watch what i eat for a couple of days, i'm back down. I think that you are really never over dieting - and you shouldn't be - we will always need to watch what and how we eat - I figure if i eat like i did before, i'll look like i did before too.

I'm only sharing to help motivate. There were lots of times on this diet that this board helped me to stay on track - hearing from others, their challenges and successes made me feel like i wasn't alone - support sure helps.
EXCELLENT to hear from you! So happy things are going well for you in maintenance. How to maintain the wt loss is the one thing I think of most. This post has been very inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on how you're doing!!!

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