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Originally Posted by stayingalive View Post
Good Morning from AZ!

Could somebody tell me the basics of Phase 1 using alternative products? I am unemployed right now and can not afford to go to an IP clinic. I need to lose 35 lbs and would appreciate an on-line coach(s)--anybody willing?

Thank you for being here...I am learning lots from this site.

So sorry to hear of your employment situation. Its great that you are wanting to improve your health. These forums have a whole hose of coaches who are ready willing and able to offer support.

I would recommend reading the IP Alternative Phase 1 threads. There is a lot of product information in those threads. (Too much for me to repeat here). Just off the top of my head I know others have tried Lindora, EAS and IsoPure. The specifics of each I can't remember.

I just learned this trick from another board member. Go to just above the blue bar at the top of the page. You'll see the bread crumb line for this forum. Click on the link for "other reduced carb diets" this will open up all the old IP chats and you can read the Alternative Phase 1 threads for information to help you out.

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