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Originally Posted by sassykimann View Post
Happy Sunday everyone!

I have been so darn busy that I have had no time to really check in but I spent some time catching up so now I feel like Im back

I had to buy a new wedding dress! The one I bought cannot be altered so after a lot of shopping I found an amazing dress. It shows off my curves and I feel so sexy in it. I will post a pic or a link soon. I bought it a size too small for extra motivation as Im almost into the smaller size
I had to do some travelling for a conference and got through it unphased. I prepacked veggies etc and I was excellent at supper.

I am training to run the 5k at national capital race weekend in May so I set out today for a 3 km run (im working my way up to 5km) but went down an unmarked path and my dog and I ended up walking 15.6 km. It was like a bad episode of gilligan's island. We are both exhausted now and I know Im going to be starving at supper so I think I will have a little extra chicken at supper.

I tried the orange drink for the first time and loved it. Now on my list of must orders.

I have a serious question. On Tuesday i was diagnosed with PCOS (how the heck it took them this long, I have no idea) my insulin levels are through the roof but sugar levels are low. She said I am doing everything right but that my body is fighting me. She wants me to have the glucose test done but if I do that Im going to be kicked out of ketosis and Im such a roll (I think Im going to hit 50 pounds in 8 weeks tomorrow) that I cant imagine doing anything to ruin in. I was thinking I would put off the testing until August when I go into PHase 3 (for the preparation of my wedding in sept and honeymoon). Would you guys do the testing or would you wait? I left a voicemail at the specialists' office to ask her so Im waiting to hear from her.
My gosh I love your gown. I never saw your old one, but this is just lovely.

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