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Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
I tried it last night and I am in ketosis but not dark purple at all...I am about 5mg/l which is the 3rd colour pallet on the box. I made my boy friend do it too as a negative control and his had no colour so I know something is happening.

Here is my main question: Should I be getting to the deep purple range eventually or maybe I never will??
I am never in the dark pink to purple range of ketosis UNLESS, I haven't had enough water for the day. You are doing fine.

Originally Posted by Rocky Monarch View Post
I have to say I feel different already. NSV: Last night we went to a concert and I could cross my legs and they stayed crossed, that counts as success for me!
Congratulations!! I remember when I first got mine crossed. It was great! I am still amazed when I see how easily I can do that "little" thing now!

Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
anyone know why ONLY raw onions are allowed and not cooked??
The fiber breaks down making the sugar more easily used by the body. Normally the fiber slows down the impact to our body as we digest the fiber to release the sugar and, as a result, don't get a quick insulin spike.

Originally Posted by Rocky Monarch View Post
My new discovery:
the crunchy cereal in a shaker with water (and a small splash of carb-reduced milk, if you want) add a DROP of vanilla and some nutmeg. shake and pour into your bowl. nummy!
I love something like this! I take a shaker, really cold water, and 1 packet of french vanilla stevia powder (by NOW). It tastes YUMMY!

Originally Posted by brocola View Post
Fell off wagon today. Not sure what got into me. Won't even say what I ate, because it made no sense. Sometimes the stress of not eating and counting every morsel is so overwhelming.

I just want to be a normal person who eats 'normally'. I had hoped that after 30+ days I would have learned how to eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm not. Instead, now I'm a thinner obsessed person!!

Hoping for a better day tomorrow...
I understand wanting to be normal. It isn't easy restricting our food choices VOLUNTARILY in a world where everything is available. Get back on track. You will be fine. Don't focus on it. You didn't ruin all you have done. Don't allow it to be a reason for other cheats between now and your next weigh in. Move forward! If you keep yourself strict the next few days, the impacts will be slight and ketosis will come back quickly.

Originally Posted by BlueMermaid View Post
I just did one of the workouts that came with the BOSU ball. I really had a wonderful time. It was the total body workout. It gets your heart rate up so you need to be careful. I tried to do the long and lean workout but it was like yoga and pilates. I don't really care for it. The next time I am going to try the absolute abs workout it came with. I did some bridges too before I finished. Thanks for the tip!
YEAH!! Sounds like you had alot of fun! I can't wait to get back to the exercise I use to do!

Originally Posted by pitakitten View Post
OMG, I think it was destiny that I saw your post. I had so much thinking work to do yesterday that my brain was just starved for glucose. Don't think it has learned to use ketones for that yet. I cheated big time, I had a chicken salad sandwitch (home made) and some feta cheese. Needless to say I was able to think clearly and do my work. Felt so darn guilty though that I drank a cleansing tea so clean everything out.
BRAIN FOG!!! When you get brain fog on a ketogenic diet, it is sometimes caused by your body needing more salt. You MIGHT try keeping some real salt with you and when that is happening mixing a little in water and drinking it. It sounds gross but it does the trick for me.

Originally Posted by libbyshims View Post
Looks like this weekend has been a bit of a toughy for a lot of us! I too, fell off the, cards with friends, more wine, cheese, fruit, even more wine....TOM this morning and up 3 pounds! Was supposed to start phase 2 this week, but am now going back to phase 1 to get rid of the excess from my weekend binge! Fingers crossed it is only TOM that is causing this, but really hope it is the error of my ways. I needed the lesson b/c of the fact that I had a Vegas Trip/Anniversary Party and still lost. In the back of my mind, I knew that I was in danger, because as I was eating my 3rd block of cheese in my head I heard, "you ate way more than this in Vegas and still lost will be fine..." sigh. Lesson learned!!!

For those of you having a rough time, please hang in there and know my thoughts are with all of you! So great to have this forum for support!!!

Just a thought, I can't remember what you ate in Vegas, the fruit and wine are very high sugars so you probably have alot of glucose/glycogen weight. Also, wine has sulfates that can cause water retention. Drink lots of water and get back to the program. You have been at this along time now so you should be back in ketosis sooner than 3 days.

Originally Posted by sassykimann View Post
Happy Sunday everyone!

I have a serious question. On Tuesday i was diagnosed with PCOS (how the heck it took them this long, I have no idea) my insulin levels are through the roof but sugar levels are low. She said I am doing everything right but that my body is fighting me. She wants me to have the glucose test done but if I do that Im going to be kicked out of ketosis and Im such a roll (I think Im going to hit 50 pounds in 8 weeks tomorrow) that I cant imagine doing anything to ruin in. I was thinking I would put off the testing until August when I go into PHase 3 (for the preparation of my wedding in sept and honeymoon). Would you guys do the testing or would you wait? I left a voicemail at the specialists' office to ask her so Im waiting to hear from her.
Sorry to hear about you and puppy's adventures! I am glad you made it home ok.

About the PCOS and insulin test. YOUR HEALTH COMES BEFORE ALL ELSE!! Some information I have learned is PCOS and INSULIN RESISTANCE go hand in hand. Find out if they do the glucose test will they be able to tell you if you have insulin resistance. This is crucial. A person with insulin resistance SHOULD NEVER (according to my Doctor) drop below a 30% fat intake when on a low carb diet. It would mean that you should have a little more omega 3/6/9 oil or olive oil in your diet than someone else. The benefit, you should lose even faster. It is important because of the way our bodies use the essential oils to make hormones and gaining control of the PCOS. You have made such remarkable change. Taking 2 or 3 days to test your body is well worth it to have a HEALTHY thin body.

Here is a tip. You will have to fast before the glucose test. When you are done, it will be tough, but eat a strict IP diet. NO restricted, or occasional veggies, just like week 1, for the rest of the day and the next 24 to 48 hours. What I am learning is you body opens little "doors" in the metabolism when sugars are present. If you don't keep giving sugars, the doors close quickly and you don't have the same issues of getting quickly back into ketosis as someone who eats a relaxed IP plan or thinks they will use the rest of the day as a cheat.

Originally Posted by WyoSun View Post
I did some shopping today and took all 12's in the dressing room. Some fit and some didn't, but it was really nice to be able to try on a normal size. I had fun. Looking forward to taking 10's in with me the next time!!!!
Congratulations! What fun you must have had!

Originally Posted by Chaplains wifey View Post
I went to a military family retreat this weekend . Had a great time but I had my first cheat since being on this diet . All our food was paid for so I ate what was provided . Did good except for lunch on sat they served us Chicken parmisian with noodles . I was so hungry and I ate it because I had nothing else to eat . Was so worried I messed everything up . But when I got home the first thing I did was weigh and I had not gained anything . Thank goodness. I have worked so hard and my husband will be home May 5th . So its good to be home and know im back on plan .
Congratulations on keeping the weight off! I'm sure that was a hard lunch to enjoy given you are so focused on surprising hubby!

WELL! I had a good weekend. No cheats and hopefully a significant loss. I weigh in tomorrow morning so I will let you all know!

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