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To all the newbies-- I recommend you stick with this diet. I felt awful in the beginning (around weeks 2 or 3-- I think week 3) but once you get your rhythm, the plan is a no brainer. 10 weeks have flown by and I have lost over 30 lbs. Yes I do still struggle some days but I have never been on a diet and not cheated the way I have done with this diet. My only real food cheats have been with IP food. Avoided all the cookies and chocolate and breads that would normally be my downfall. It is important to eat the veggies, sea salt and olive oil and the water too.
Jordanna - did you get the mini cake mix? How was the party? adorable pic of the birthday boy!
Sassy-love the way that dress must make you feel. what a smile! and you are still going... good for you!
Fluffymama- take care of yourself and those boys. I wish we could help you more ....
I'm reading about a lot of cheats this weekend. My cheat was two bars & Lindora hot chocolate when I got home after not having anything like that for over a week. Total of 6 IPs for the day... ugh, not good.
But to all of us! No reason to turn back or consider it a failure. We have done the best we could and now we will move on forward, starting fresh tomorrow. Okey dokey??
This error in judgment all began with some sugarless gum. It really does make you hungry, or at least makes me want to chew something...should just avoid it entirely.
We need to focus on the successes!!
[Week 1/10 lbs-2/4-3/3-4/3-5/3-6/3=26 lbs;7-12=7 lbs;13-18=13 lbs;19-24=12 lbs; 25-32=10 lbs Total = 68 lbs
lbs of fat. I lose a lot of weight on this diet, feel great doing it & keep it LOST. And so it is! Phase 2-8/26/2010 (then gained 34 lbs) Phase 1 AGAIN 7/15/2011
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