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Originally Posted by Rocky Monarch View Post
My new discovery:
the crunchy cereal in a shaker with water (and a small splash of carb-reduced milk, if you want) add a DROP of vanilla and some nutmeg. shake and pour into your bowl. nummy!
I too like the crispy cereal. I just put it in a very small bowl and add really cold water. It is kind of like crunchy rice krispies.

Originally Posted by [B
pitakitten[/B] dont mean to whiney but I have so much thinking work to do for work and can not concentrate due to lack of food. Its day 6, and I know I am in ketosis so why doesn't this feeling of disorientation not go away. Its killing me and making me so inefficient in what I have to do.
Try some caffeine. You just need to drink extra water but it may help you with the brain fog. The brain fog should go away once your brain starts using ketones for fuel instead of carbs. Make sure you are eating all 4 cups of vegetables a day. Your brain still gets 25% of it fuel from carbs and 75% from ketones.

Originally Posted by fluffymama View Post
thank you ladies for your support. I am trying to get through this, day by day, but some days are just much harder than others! Your support means the world to me!!
Hang if there fluffy, If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it and you will be a stronger person for it. Concentrate on your children. They are more important to you than any man ever could be.

Originally Posted by brocola View Post
Fell off wagon today. Not sure what got into me. Won't even say what I ate, because it made no sense. Sometimes the stress of not eating and counting every morsel is so overwhelming.

I just want to be a normal person who eats 'normally'. I had hoped that after 30+ days I would have learned how to eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm not. Instead, now I'm a thinner obsessed person!!

Hoping for a better day tomorrow...
I have been having the same problem lately. It usually comes with my pms but this is happening way too much now. Hang in there and keep climbing back upon the horse. I don't think any diet is easy, this one just spoils us because it seems easier than most diets. Keep trying and keep your chin up. Don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day.

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