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My thing is actively thinking WHY I am wanting food. If I feel my thoughts wandering to the kitchen, I very consciously ask myself "why do I want food?" I go through a checklist.

Am I really hungry? If yes, why - when was the last time I ate and when was I planning on eating again? If no, why else do I want food? Am I bored? Sad? Wanting to relax in front of the TV with munchies? Out with friends and wanting to eat socially?

For me, it's really important to identify why I am wanting food. Quite often I'm just bored or I'm wanting to relax/destress. If I'm bored, I find something to do such as clean or paint my toenails or check my email/3FC or anything. If I'm stressed or emotional and looking for food to bring me comfort, I look for comfort in other places. Maybe pamper myself with a chick flick and cup of tea or ask a girl friend to hang out or take a hot bath.

We need to convince ourselves that food isn't the answer to everything. Effortlessly thin people do this naturally, if they're bored, they occupy themselves with something. If they're emotional, they address the problem (or at least don't turn to food, they may have another vice). Our brains automatically go to food, we need to actively train ourselves out of that.
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