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S/C/G: 231/xx/150 [105/xx/68 kg]

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hi all *waves*
my point of view on the matter is that we all know it: what is in or out changes from country to country, from tradition to tradition, also in one place OVER TIME; these are fashion trends. We will always find beautiful what is rarer, harder to get, and precious. Nevertheless, I think neither thin nor obese are the right choice. I sometimes think about charts I once saw at the vet's office: they were outlines of an underweight, normal and overweight cat/dog. I think the same goes for humans: the right and best thing is in the middle. And I think, if you follow FITness, as in the ability to move around, jump, play sport, endure physical activity etc, and you eat because of hunger alone - not gluttony, then you will naturally shift towards the "normal" body.
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