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Originally Posted by FlourishGirl View Post

Thanks for the insight to starting out. I can see you have had great success so far and it is inspirational.

Crap! Why is my coach giving me chili on my second day if it can put you of ketosis? This isn't special to me or my plan. She just had a sheet with the general suggested menu for the first week. Other ladies on the plan that I know have the same one. Boo because it may be slowing my "K" process and boo because I really liked it! I'll talk to her more about it on Frdiay during my WI.

Since water seems to be an issue everyone brings up I will try to drink more. I certainly can. Drinking the water is the easy part...visiting the bathroom is the harder part. I feel like I am always there.

I haven't tried the jello yet, but I think I will like it. I like SF Jello anyway, but the split pack idea is smart and possibly a good way for me to get the pudding down. I may try that too.

Does anyone know if there are any issues with splitting up my two cups of veggies (from lunch) throughout the day? Do I have to eat just 3 meals and the snack? I have found that it settles my tummy a bit more if I eat a breakfast shake at 7:30, then 1 cup of veggies at 10:30 then lunch and the rest of the veggies at 12:30.
I always split my veggies. I have a 1/2 cup or so with my breakfast eggs on the days I have eggs. I have a mid day snack of sliced cucumber or celery or broccoli or raw asparagus. I have my salad with any extra veggies I have left. If I am hungry in the afternoon I have some of my dinner veggies, if really hungry I add 1 to 2 oz of protein from my dinner portion. For dinner, I have whatever is left for my dinner allotment. My SNACK is supposed to be in the evening, the last thing I eat and no more than 1 hour before I go to bed. It is always a pudding, jello, or drink. It is supposed to keep my metabolism up while I sleep and prevent me from having a sugar low overnight. This is the same process my coach used when he did the program and, he lost 65 pounds in 67 days!

Originally Posted by Jax View Post
I can't have gluten and I'm hypoglycemic so I've had a problem feeling hungry yet not able to eat a bar (which would be more convenient when I'm not home). My coach told me to freeze the vanilla drinks (which say they may have eggs and wheat yet I haven't had a reaction) and so I've had those as popsicles, but I have to be at home.
Hey Jax! Do you have access to a fridge at work or when you are away from home? I don't but I keep a cooler with ice in my car. I keep a vanilla drink and water and some cooked meat or hard boiled egg, and cut up veggies, salad and prepared dressing with me (all depends on how long I am going to be gone from home). Then I can have what I need. Some days, I only need a drink. I often poor it into a clean mason or ball canning jar then I can use just half when I need a boost or to flavor a coffee, put the lid back and keep it on ice til I need it again. Maybe something like that will work for you?

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