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I have been trying to find a strategy to tackle my weight problem. I have never been slim. Growing up my parents yakked to me about loosing weight but never did fun active things with me to get me off my tush and out there. I have been saying since I was young that I'm gonna loose it but here I am bigger than ever. The key for me is activity and getting lots of it without spending money I don't have joining a gym, or investing in a new sport to try. I've started walking for a half hour several times a week but would really do well to do it twice a day. I can't see how doing it 3 times a week is going to beat this bulge. I am 180 cm (5' 11") and I am not sure of my exact weight... but I would guess it's around 114 kg. but may be more than that. I'm almost 25 and if I don't get control of my lifestyle now I may be faced with serious health problems in the near future. Everything else I do in my life is easy there fore I seem to avoid anything that's hard... and lets face it loosing weight is hard. It has taken me this long to figure out why I don't do. I just hope that now I have figured it out I am going to do something about and become a success story!

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