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Originally Posted by FlourishGirl View Post
I am posting this for anyone that may be thinking about this diet and is wondering what the start up can be like. I am sure that everyone's experience is a little different, but I wish there was a post like this before I started so I knew more of what to expect.

A little about me: I have about +/- 35 pounds to lose. I had a baby 18 months ago and have lost about 15 pounds on my own in the past several months, but this plan really interested me because the results I have seen in others have been rapid! My plan is to stay in Phase I for about 6 weeks and assess my situation then to phase out or stay on a little longer. I felt mentally ready to start this and commit to six weeks without cheats or setbacks, even during travel.

I started IP Monday. I have been pleasantly surprised that I generally like the morning shakes and the soups are tolerable. The chili has been my favorite "meal" so far. Not a fan of the puddings, but I'll talk a little more about that later. By mid-day a nasty headache started on one side of my head and hung around quite strong until I went to bed early Monday evening. I certainly felt tired most of the day and went to bed early due to the headache and fatigue.

Tuesday I followed the plan. I had slight bouts of nausea on and off during the day and a slight headache as well. Both issues were intermitent. I am finding that the supplements tend to upset my stomach, at least I think that is what it is. Perhaps there just isn't enough food to offset them in the tummy? Not sure what I can do about it. i also experienced fatigue in the afternoon of the second day. I took a small nap in my car at lunch while at work. I also awoke several times in the middle of the night with some nausea, but not too severe.

So today is day three. I'm battling a little nausea this morning and slight dizziness None of my symptoms have been fun, but they have not been enough to get me off plan either. I'm hoping that ketosis is in full swing by later today (or already is) and that I will get the "sense of well being and vitality" that I have heard others speak of on this plan.

The food has been fine, except I hate pudding. It's a texture issue for me. So my coach suggested making it a shake, but the two times I have done it so far have been disappointing. I did read that you can freeze the pudding and maybe it would be more like ice cream? That sounds better, but it is a bit hard to do at work when I would normally be eating my "snack." Any suggestions from experienced IP'ers would be appreciated here.

And just in case anyone is wondering I have been drinking 10 8 oz glasses of water and taking my sea salt...but it still hasn't helped with the symptoms very much. I just think my body is fighting this a bit, and I have accepted that there will be symptoms.

Overall, I haven't felt great the past few days. But, it is doable. The one thing that sticks in my mind; if getting into ketosis makes me feel like this after a cheat, there is NO WAY I will do anything to risk going out of the big "K" by cheating in the next 6 weeks. No thanks!

My first weigh in is Friday. I can tell by my home scale that I am already down about 3 pounds, which I know is just water. I'll keep you posted on my results!
Hey Flourish!

I love that you are doing a "getting going journal"! Like you say, it is a little different for each person depending on what their diet and body are like before starting program. On the other hand your experience is a close match to what many experience. I didn't get a headache til day 3 and it only lasted 1/2 a day. Overall I felt good to start until half way through day 3. THEN the nausea came. I was told the nausea is a sign you are entering ketosis. The ketones are a little "toxic" and cause that feeling. Drinking more water dilutes the ketones. I still get nauseous if I let my water drop. For me, I feel best if I drink 1 to 1-1/2 gallons of water a day. Anything less makes me feel odd.

The fatigue you feel is probably due to the change in your glycogen, blood glucose, (caused by reduction of the carbs stored in your body), and the change in your mineral salt/electrolyte levels. When we rapidly lose water and build ketones our bodies begin to lose potassium/magnesium/sodium do to the frequent urination. It is not dangerous when we are taking the supplements but it is essential that we do take them. You should have made the adjustment between days 5 and 8. Keep track of this and talk to you coach/Dr if it persists. You might be one of the people who need additional of these supplements. For instance, my symptoms indicated I need to take extra magnesium. I have read others take extra salt or potassium. You may be able to eliminate some of the fatigue sooner by increasing your water level a little.

Pudding! I didn't like it much at first. It was ok but I only liked vanilla and butterscotch. Definately play with the water to powder ratio. Less water makes it more creamy/fatty like a whipping cream or ice cream thickness. More water makes it thin and, with ice in a blender, becomes a "sort of" shake. The jelly is just like sugar free jello to me. I use it 3 or 4 x a week. Some people only like it with whipping cream. My way to deal with that is to make 2 small jellos from one packet. Then make 1 vanilla pudding into 2 portions of "whipping cream". Top the jello with the whipped vanilla and you have a multi flavored dessert that is still only a 1 packet value.

Bad news! Talk to your coach. The chili is a restricted item. It is only supposed to be eaten 2x a week at most. ALSO, it is only supposed to be eaten after the first 2-3 weeks even on the most relaxed protocols. On the new guidelines, I have heard, it will only be offered after a person is nearing 80 to 90 % of their desired weight loss. The reason is it is a high carb food that actually uses sugars, starches, and beans all of which can effect achieving introductory ketosis. I say talk to your coach because, you may have some reason in her mind that she is ok offering it to you.

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Good luck as you continue the process! Sounds like you are doing great and if not already starting ketosis, you'll be there by tomorrow! The best part is in the next couple of days you will be feeling really good again!


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