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Talking Day 3-My experience so far

I am posting this for anyone that may be thinking about this diet and is wondering what the start up can be like. I am sure that everyone's experience is a little different, but I wish there was a post like this before I started so I knew more of what to expect.

A little about me: I have about +/- 35 pounds to lose. I had a baby 18 months ago and have lost about 15 pounds on my own in the past several months, but this plan really interested me because the results I have seen in others have been rapid! My plan is to stay in Phase I for about 6 weeks and assess my situation then to phase out or stay on a little longer. I felt mentally ready to start this and commit to six weeks without cheats or setbacks, even during travel.

I started IP Monday. I have been pleasantly surprised that I generally like the morning shakes and the soups are tolerable. The chili has been my favorite "meal" so far. Not a fan of the puddings, but I'll talk a little more about that later. By mid-day a nasty headache started on one side of my head and hung around quite strong until I went to bed early Monday evening. I certainly felt tired most of the day and went to bed early due to the headache and fatigue.

Tuesday I followed the plan. I had slight bouts of nausea on and off during the day and a slight headache as well. Both issues were intermitent. I am finding that the supplements tend to upset my stomach, at least I think that is what it is. Perhaps there just isn't enough food to offset them in the tummy? Not sure what I can do about it. i also experienced fatigue in the afternoon of the second day. I took a small nap in my car at lunch while at work. I also awoke several times in the middle of the night with some nausea, but not too severe.

So today is day three. I'm battling a little nausea this morning and slight dizziness None of my symptoms have been fun, but they have not been enough to get me off plan either. I'm hoping that ketosis is in full swing by later today (or already is) and that I will get the "sense of well being and vitality" that I have heard others speak of on this plan.

The food has been fine, except I hate pudding. It's a texture issue for me. So my coach suggested making it a shake, but the two times I have done it so far have been disappointing. I did read that you can freeze the pudding and maybe it would be more like ice cream? That sounds better, but it is a bit hard to do at work when I would normally be eating my "snack." Any suggestions from experienced IP'ers would be appreciated here.

And just in case anyone is wondering I have been drinking 10 8 oz glasses of water and taking my sea salt...but it still hasn't helped with the symptoms very much. I just think my body is fighting this a bit, and I have accepted that there will be symptoms.

Overall, I haven't felt great the past few days. But, it is doable. The one thing that sticks in my mind; if getting into ketosis makes me feel like this after a cheat, there is NO WAY I will do anything to risk going out of the big "K" by cheating in the next 6 weeks. No thanks!

My first weigh in is Friday. I can tell by my home scale that I am already down about 3 pounds, which I know is just water. I'll keep you posted on my results!

I am now in day 5 and feeling pretty good. I have my first WI today. It has only been 5 days, but decided to keep my WI days to Friday. My headaches have been pretty much gone since day 3, and my energy has stabilized. I feel very, very hungry by dinner time when I can have the real food (protein and veggies) but feel very full once I am done. My only other concern is that I am not sleeping great. I keep waking up super hot, and I am wondering if it is one of the supplements. I will check with my coach today. Also tried a few more foods...hated the chicken soup (SO thick!) and I still can't stand any of the puddings. Also tried the raspberry jelly and enjoyed the flavor ok, but texture not so much. Will try the boiled water next time as indicated here. Like the chocolate shake and LOVE the omlette wtih sauted mushrooms and a little garlic. Very tasty!

Thanks to all that have replied to my questions here so far. Hoping I can keep up my good work on IP this weekend while I am traveling. I have my cooler packed.

At my first WI was on Friday, and I had lost 6.8 pounds and 1% body fat in 5 days. These numbers are huge to me. I certainly feel different. I realize that the first week is a lot of water loss, but it was a big encouragement to see the scale move like that. By day 3 or so I lost any of the symptoms that I had experienced getting into ketosis. By the 5th day I would say I felt 100% me and had full energy and that blessed sense of "well being" that many talk about. I had some minor doubts in the first 2 1/2 days about whether I could continue on this diet considering how lousy I felt at times.

Also, there was concern about the chili because it has a "higher" carb content at 13g. My coach allows one restricted item ever other day at the start, so she thought it would still be okay to have that item every other day as long as my weight loss continues. And BTW, this is the only restricted item I can have at the moment. No bars or other items.

For the newer people wondering about splitting up your evening protein, veggies, or eating these items throughout the day - that is okay and there are no issues with doing it. (I do this and the coach said it was fine.)

UPDATE TO DAY 8 (Start of week 2 - Monday)

I travelled out of town for two days this weekend on the road. I was very surprised at how relatively easy it was to stay on track with the little cooler of veggies and water. The hardest part was drinking and eating enough when you get busy. I also have far less hunger overall, so it is easy to almost forget to eat. I dined out on Saturday with my family at a seafood restaurant and had crab, shrimp and clams for my main meal of the day. On Sunday when everyone else was hungry and wanted pizza we found a place with a salad bar and I had two huge plates of greens, mushrooms, onions, broccoli and allowed items. I was happy and relieved to be able to be full and stay on plan. I easily drank my shakes in the car and came home about 2 pounds lighter than when I left. Week one is down and only 5 more to GO!

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