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What never fails to amaze me is how a lot of people just don't understand--or refuse to understand--that what is "thin" for some is not for others.

Case in point: I remember reading a forum post awhile back--not on here, obviously; unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it--where a guy was marveling because he saw his buddy's girlfriend's jeans hanging up to dry in the bathroom. The label was a size 10. "I don't get it," he marveled. "She's not fat. I thought size 10 was fat?!"

I only wish it were obvious to more people that it's impossible for some people to get down to 100 lbs. or the idealized "size 0." (What the is that, anyway? ZERO? Don't people realize that zero equals NOTHING?) My "ideal" weight range is between 108 and 135, and I'm 5'4". The difference between 100 lbs. and 108 lbs. would look pretty substantial on me--and I think I'd look pretty sickly at 108 lbs., to tell you the truth.
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