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Originally Posted by mnelson View Post
I just ordered this item and was wondering how you are making out with it and if you are still happy with the results.

I did order the Fluidity Bar and I love it! I used it this winter
along with the original dvds and recently purchased the new
dvd series. It is permanently set up in my dance studio room
so I do not have to store it. That said, it is the best piece of
equipment I have along with a Pilates stick and pilates circle.

I also use the Bar method dvds for variety and I have been very
happy with the results.


I have joined a local gym for a few months so my Fluidity
Bar will get more use again in the Fall and Winter. I want to take
advantage of the gym machines while it is still here-many have closed
in our area

Please update us and let us know how you like the Fluidity system!


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