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Eggless mayonnaise recipe

"Making your own mayonnaise is actually very easy and fast, this is why I never understood why people bought their mayonnaise; the taste of fresh mayonnaise can’t be compared with the stuff that has been sitting on shelves for a long time. Yes, I do know that some people have a difficult time making it, since it can split, but once you learn how to make it it’s easy.

Making egg-free mayonnaise was difficult for me at first; all the recipes I found were a bit too complicated and difficult and so I gave up and just bought some Plamil mayo. It all changed when I found a recipe on a message board which used only soy milk, salt, vinegar and oil, the only problem was that that particular recipe used a ton of vinegar; the tartness was just too much. I finally tried to adjust it by adding only some tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice to the mayo and it worked - I was so happy that I could finally make my own egg-free mayonnaise and it tasted a lot like the real thing.

This recipe is easy and tasty. You can season the mayo with black pepper, curry, paprika or garlic, but I prefer using the traditional spice - Dijon mustard. As for oils I like to use grapeseed oil or sunflower oil, canola oil might be good too, but whatever oil you use don’t use olive oil, the taste is horrible."

You can adjust the tartness or sweetness with a little more lemon juice or add some splenda or stevia.

Egg-free mayonnaise

This will make approximately 1/2 cup mayonnaise and keeps about 1 week in the fridge.

-1/4 cup or 1 dl soy milk

-1-2 tbls lemon juice, I like to use 2 tbls because I like the tartness it gives, but if you like your mayonnaise sweeter, use just one tbls

-salt according to taste

-approximately 3/4 cup or 2 dl oil

-spices according to taste (traditional mayo is 1tsp dry mustard, 1tsp salt, a pinch of paprika or white pepper or cayenne or a dash or tobasco)

Put the milk and the lemon juice into a bowl, add the spices and the salt into it and mix well, I use a bamix, but any kind of hand held mixer will do, or a whisk.

Continue mixing and start adding the oil, use the traditional method which means that you need to add the oil slowly mixing constantly, pour the oil in a steady very thin stream. Continue adding the oil until the mayonnaise is thick enough and then continue with the mixing for a small while, one minute is enough. When finished, the mayonnaise will not be as thick as store bought mayonnaise. Let it sit, refrigerated, for at least half an hour. Stir, and taste for seasoning. If necessary, whisk in a pinch more salt, sugar or another teaspoon or so of vinegar. Wait before tasting because it takes awhile for the salt to dissolve into all of the oil.

You can also make mayonnaise in a blender or with an immersion blender. The procedure is the same:

Blender Mayo - If you do not own a food processor, using a blender is the next best way to make a cup or so of mayonnaise.

Put egg yolk, salt, sugar, pepper and vinegar in the blender container. Put on the lid, taking out the plastic plug in the center. Turn the blender on medium speed. Once the egg yolk is light in color, begin adding the oil, a couple of drops at a time. Once half the oil is incorporated, add it in a thin stream. You might need to scrape the blender container one or two times with a rubber spatula to make sure that all the ingredients are emulsified.

Immersion Blender Mayo - A good method to make mayonnaise very quickly since the powerful blades of an immersion blender emulsify the oil and vinegar almost instantly.

Put all the mayonnaise ingredients In a tall, narrow container, such as a straight-sided beaker. Insert the immersion blender right down to the bottom of the beaker. Turn it on high, and very slowly raise it to the top of the beaker. Instant mayonnaise.

I haven't done this yet but, if you don't like the effect from the soy milk you can experiment with silken tofu.

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