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Tomato, Jillian is wearing those low-riding pants as a form of advertising for her workout & her abilities as a trainer. She's showing off her abs, including the hip creases that she has so painstakingly developed. Buy the video & the products & be like her. (At least, that's the sell.)

No one is inspiring me this season. I find some more likable than others. Sam and Stephanie, mostly, but Stephanie's gone & I think Sam will be, too, before the finals. He is just too muscular & losing very slowly at this point.

I wish Sunshine well, in an abstract way, because I don't think there's been an African-American woman as the Biggest Loser yet, and I think she could be an inspirational figure to a lot of people in that community in particular, as well as to the rest of the viewing audience.

Tara from a few seasons ago turns out to be my favorite ever, in retrospect. There's no one like her this season.

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